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Shone farm
Agriculture/Natural Resources Department

Shone Farm includes 120 acres of forest, 100 acres of pasture, 90 acres of vineyard, 12 acres for crop production, 4 acres of olive and apple trees, and 39 acres of buildings and improvements. Altogether, Shone farm is one of the largest agriculture sites in the California Community Colleges system.

In addition to the agricultural land, there is open space around the farm’s perimeter that serves as wildlife corridors and habitat. SRJC Ag/Natural Resource students are taught commercial production techniques at Shone Farm, which prepare them for the workplace, or to transfer to a four-year university.

Shone Farm also features products for sale, such as award-winning wine and olive oil, produce, and other value added products. The farm has evolved into a diversified agricultural center that provides a wide variety of educational opportunities for students majoring in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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